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Retail Security Services

21st century businesses face numerous threats day in and day out — theft, disruptive conduct, violence in the workplace, active shooters, and terrorism, not to mention the liability created by this type of activity. Decreasing vulnerability by analyzing the risk and maintaining a reasonable and cost effective security operation is vital to the health of your company; unfortunately, many business owners find they have neglected to take the preventative measures needed to ensure the mitigation of these risks until it is too late.

David Levenberg, founder of Center Security Services (CSS), has spent 30+ years working both domestic and international security assignments. His first-hand corporate security experience gives him an edge over firms that offer simply academic ideas and theory.

CSS exists to provide your business with reasonable recommendations designed to mitigate risk from the myriad of threats that exist in today's marketplace. CSS offers a support system to your company before, during, and after a crisis strikes. By hiring CSS, your company can reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

  • Security audits of commercial property to help determine the adequacy of the existing security program.
  • Development of commercial property security programs, from training to manuals to emergency plans.
  • Acting as a company's Corporate VP of security, where the company does not need or cannot afford a full time person in this position, but realizes the need.
  • Assistance in design and bidding of security technology, including CCTV, access control, or alarm systems.
  • Assistance in the initial design of security features during the design or construction phase of a commercial property.
  • Crisis response: the ability to respond to a natural or manmade disaster to assist the client with reputation management, appropriate crisis response, and ongoing support once the initial crisis has passed.

CSS is committed to providing its clients with an honest and objective assessment of the issues and making recommendations that are actionable and cost effective.

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