shopping mall

Selected Cases

Types of cases have included:

Assault / rape at a shopping center

Sexual assault at a shopping center

Shooting of a customer by a third party in shopping center parking lot

Arson fire of a department store located in mall

Accidental shooting of customer by retailer employee

Triple homicide in parking lot of a large shopping center

Retailer firing of Loss Prevention employees regarding apprehensions when weapon involved

Assault at a strip center restaurant

Aggravated assault in the parking lot of a bar

Innocent customer knocked over by shoplifter being chased by Loss Prevention associates

Trip and fall on staircase in a crowded theater

Homicide during a car-jacking in a mall parking garage

Rape inside a tenant space in a strip mall

False detention by retailer Loss Prevention agent

Crowd control issues at a theater

Loss Prevention procedures during apprehensions

Issues have included:

Inadequate Security

Company Policies

Proper Training / Inadequate Training

Negligent Security

Inadequate Lighting

Inoperable CCTV Equipment


Crowd Control

Defective Stairs

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